Darren Almond*

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Darren Almond is interested in time, place, personal history, and collective memory. He makes sculptures, films, photographs, and works on paper based on his extensive travels, which often take him to remote locations—his film In the Between, 2006, which focuses on the symbolic nature of the highest train route in the world, was shot on location in China and Tibet. Almond has developed his own lexicon in photography, making extraordinary pictures using only the light of the full moon. Meantime (2000), his first exhibition at Matthew Marks Gallery, comprised a shipping container the artist had transformed into a functioning digital clock and filmed as it traveled across the Atlantic.

Almond was born in Wigan, England, in 1971. His work has been exhibited at The Renaissance Society, Chicago; K21, Düsseldorf; the Venice Biennale; the Berlin Biennale; and Tate Britain, London. He was a finalist for the Turner Prize in 2005. Almond lives and works in London.