Donna Ferrato

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Ferrato, Donna (b. 1949)

Donna Ferrato, internationally respected documentary photographer, is now applying her talents to her own neighborhood of TriBeCa, New York.

10013 – is more than a zip code; for Donna, it is her new canvas. Resident since 1997, Ms. Ferrato feels that it’s TriBeCa’s “understated style” that makes it so special. “No matter what, Tribeca will be forever cool. I don’t need to hire actors or models, they are everywhere. Living unfettered.”

TriBeCa has an unassuming quiet side to it, which Donna gently unwraps to discover the heartbeats that keep one of New York’s oldest residential neighborhoods pumping. Documenting the reconstruction evolution after 911 with an unwavering devotion for the preservation of the history, she captures the fleeting moments of her 10013 that define what it is becoming.

Работы 2008-2009 годов