Alain Bizos

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French. Born in 1947 in Paris where he presently lives.

Alain Bizos is certainly the most influential French colourist due to his point of view. A former assistant to the sculptor Arman, he subscribes to the provocations of New Realism and the Nice School and has been producing conceptual works since the seventies.

He works with Libération where he supported the Bazooka group and became the publisher of the legendary “Un regard moderne″ with Actual where he is a staff photographer. Through these two publications he developed a new way of understanding colour. With a hand-held, open flash, Bizos adds artificial light to naturally lit situations, thus creating a tension between an undeniable realism and a world overlapped by fiction. Breaking down the barriers between photographic conventions and formalities, he builds narratives combining photographs and texts into short films. Through this medium he narrates both the development of Poland’s Solidarnosc and the situation in Iran in the aftermath of Ayatollah Khomeini’s return.