Di Liu

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The main prize Lacoste Elysee Prize went to a photographer from China

Lacoste jointly with the Swiss Museum Musée de l’Elysée in the exhibition of photographs entitled “reGeneration 2: Tomorrow’s Photographers Today” announced a competition for young photographers Lacoste Elysee Prize. Of the 80 photographers who participated in the exhibition, competition jury selected the top 12 for participation in this competition. Among them – Ueli Alder from Switzerland, Benjamin Beker from Serbia, Jen Davis from the United States, Di Liu from China, Camila Rodrigo Graña from Peru, Kalle Kataila from Finland, Geoffrey H. Short from New Zealand, Tereza Vlcková from the Czech Republic and many others.
The composition of the judiciary committee of the competition included Felipe Oliveira Baptista, creative director of LACOSTE, Tom Watt Art Director edition ArtReview, as well as many famous photographers.

3 December, during one of the most important developments in the photographic art, Beisel in Miami, was announced the winner of the contest. Them was a 25-year-old Chinese photographer Di Liu. “My work is devoted to the conflict between nature and human society that has arisen due to the very rapid expansion of Chinese cities,” – said Liu.
In 2010, he received 12 nominations, the prestigious award Lacoste Elysée. His giant animals were Peking Society of Fine Arts. Well, three shots, with the rhinoceros, deer and rabbits, received the grand prize.

Di Liu to the 25 already fairly well known fact that in his work On the topic of complex relationships of human nature. Not without reason the photo with the giant animals, located in the heart of human populations, coming into the loop “control animals”. Perhaps, Liu has in mind control populations. According to the photographer, these animals have become an integral part of city life.