Al Magnus

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I was ten when I first discovered photography and was even then fascinated by the light that B & W prints suffused.
Armed with a Voigtländer and a handheld lightmeter, I made my first steps on the long and winding road of B & W photography.
Ever since, I’ve kept a vision of photography filled with light and I’ve been trying to express it in most of my compositions, occasionally using colour to improve a setting.
After these inconclusive beginnings, I gave up any pretention in the art of photography and did scientific studies.
I’m now a qualified physics and chemistry scientist with a PhD. I strongly favour therefore, the experimental approach to science.
Around the year 2000, I bought a scanner for negatives followed by a printer, almost a compulsive buy.
By then I had understood that having perfectly mastered the technical tools during my formative years had really allowed me to become emancipated.
And so, I put all my energy into a dedicated photographic approach.
As for my private life, my fabulous wife, our three fabulous children and I live and work between Provence and the Cévennes.
I can’t find enough words to thank my family for their everyday support, especially the person who put the first camera into my hands.