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All those who like to create my photo climates. 

I can do a photo shoot anywhere on earth, both intimate – private as well as one which could be called a really big project. We are happy to invent scenarios and fotosesji photos, choose the location, who should be involved, and always alone controls the entire process of creating photograms.

I am most creative photography for which it is applied in any order regardless of whether it is commercial photography, fashion photography, family portrait or corporate photography.
The work created in my studio is full of expression, color images, moody tale of dreams, feelings, and climatic locations. It fascinates me in photography phantasmagoria, the moment of creation is not really existing worlds.
The process of creating photographs for me is usually three stages: design begins with the idea of ​​finding the pictures, the next step is the photo session and a final postprocessing. All three are equally determined to end result.

At many years I travel on the further nooks of the world, then there I search inspiration to my photos. Charm me identically matters of nature as well as businesses which was created by a man, the perishing worlds take to me, perishing wild tribes, priceless for me meeting with people which free of  galloping civilization, live in harmony with itself and surrounding their world.

My distant photos are however from a documentary record then  there are the short artistic stories retained in fairy-tale convention. Stories with magic places remote and saints, with an ordinary man, with his life, with a hope, with an art, with a faith, with beauty, in minutes which last all time, except that often performed only in my mind.
I consider, that a color has a fundamental influence on a louse

Discreet charm of Asia…