Kari Liimatainen

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We are glad to introduce you to one of the most talented photographers from Finland – Kari Liimatainen who signs as “Karil”. Now he lives not far away from Finnish town named Jyväskylä. Unfortunately, Karil hasn’t his private web-site where we could see his all works, that because we link to his page in the art society DeviantArt.
What is the most important possibility for the human which is able to shoot well and strive for perfection? Of course, this is to have a subject for shooting, to have a possibility to have it! The example with Karil is unique because this photographer lives literally among his possibilities. Finnish nature was always titbit for any connoisseur of world beauty including for the photographers who shoots landscapes. It may to name nature of Finland as a model of harmony. Karil lives in this harmony. He doesn’t have to go anywhere; he has quite to remove covers his camera, to be patient and then in the warm Finnish house to edit his photos with computer. No every photographer can boast that he has so right access to the objects for shooting.
Winter …